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Air bubble wrap line

1.operating 20years
2.mature technology
3.internet top 10 credit enterprice
4.The products were exported to global

Product instruction

The unit using a molding process, the production of high efficiency, good quality products. Scientific and rational structural design of the machine, run a smooth and reliable operation and maintenance convenience.Polyethylene air-cushion film (also called polyethylene bubble film) is a widely used packaging material, not only has good shock absorption and impact resistance, heat, and corrosion resistance, transparency and good. Widely used in household appliances, precision instruments, bicycles, furniture, high-grade polyurethane leather, glass, porcelain and other high-end product packaging.
Product characteristic

The contour design is fastidious, compact structure, elegant appearance;Products formation on one time, production of high-speed and high efficiency, products with good quality;the design of science advanced, smooth and reliable running, convenient operation and maintenance.