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Air bubble film laminated line

1.This air bubble film machine adopts once-through shaping technique, thus has high efficiency and excellent product quality.

2.Our air bubble film machine set has such features as scientific and reasonable structure design, smooth and reliable running and convenient operation and maintenance.

3.Polyethylene air-cushion film (also called polyethylene bubble film), which is divided into two kind: ordinary polyethylene air-cushion film and composite polyethylene air-cushion film, is a kind of packing material which has been widely used at present of our air bubble film machine.

4.The air bubble film machine not only has good cushioning effect, shock resistance and heat-sealing performance, but also has such advantages as good corrosion resistance and transparency, etc.

5.Our air bubble film machine has been widely used for packing, household wares, post parcel, bicycle, polyurethane furniture, etc.