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Pe foam extrusion machine

1.screw speed 5-54r/min
2.foam ratio 20-48
3.capacity 70-100kw

pe foam extrusion machine

EPE foam machine can make different foam sheet width and thickness according to customer requirement. Meanwhile, it can also make foam pipe, foam net, foam rod, foam profile and so on through changing mould and machine parts.

The foam sheet has the features of dampproof , shockproof, soundproof, heat preservation and good plasticity. After laminating, the foam sheet will get high dampproof performance. These products are mainly used for placing under floor.


It is to extrude PE foam sheets, tubes, rods and profiles. There is Model 90 specialized for PE fruit nets.

Cushion packaging protection packaging against delicate electronic products like video, audio and component parts requiring shock absorbing,

vibration dampening mattress for sports purpose, cushioning, soundproof moisture proof effect at construction business.

Main Technical Parameters