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Expanded polystyrene machine

1.Even density distribution
2.PLC touch screen
3.automatic from feeding,heating ways

Expanded Polystyrene Machine

1.With the use of PLC Controller (Programmable Logic Controller), Touch Screen, Automatic Negative Pressure Feeder, Precision Electronic Weighing Scale and Feeding Level Switch, the automatic feeding and precise measuring will be realized. With the use of Automatic Control Device for temperature and pressure inside the drum, and the Automatic Photoelectric Level Control Device, uniformity of the density and light-weight of the foaming beads will be to realized; using the vibration sieve, crushing the lumps of EPS raw material,and Blower Fan and Conveyor to accomplish the first loop of automation of foaming of the EPS beads;
2.We imported Steam-Reducing Valve and the advanced German-made Proportioning Valve (optional) to precisely control the steam pressure and temperature, so that the pressure is throughout stable, ensuring that the interior temperature tolerance of the drum is kept within ±1, and also makes sure that the error, created after the beads have been foamed, is within ±2%. When density is above 20kg/m3, then it is necessary to install the Proportioning Valve;
3.The hot air drying system(National Patent), with temperature going up to 75 will make the EPS beads dry up very quickly, fast shaping, speed up the aging process and shorten the production process;

4. Machine automatically detaches from the Feeder and the Electronic Weighing Scale, to avoid inaccurate and unreliability readings due to the vibration produced during the operation process of the machine;
5.The machine is equipped with four safety devices, which can safely guarantee the normal operation of the machine;
6. The computers system is equipped with production technology. The Operator can just click on the Touch Screen, and then look up for the frequently used foaming technology parameters of the EPS raw material manufacturers. The Electronic Weighing Digital Display System can easily add digital printers(optional) can easily calculate production capacity of EPS raw materials per day, per month, or per annum, to facilitate the factorys internal statistical data and checking of accounts;
7. According to the customers requirements, the remote communication system can be added to remotely monitor whether or not the machine is operating normally, and to troubleshoot any failure in the machine; as well as upgrade the software system in the machine so as to improve the technological performance of the machine;
8.The use of advanced EPS foaming technology has enhanced the production efficiency, and improved the foaming quality. And as a result makes expansion of the EPS beads more accurate, lighter, faster, as well as reliable operation with low faulty rates.