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Eps icf machine

1.Raw material :EPS
2.full-auto eps shape molding machine
3.some spare parts for free

1.EPS Batch Pre-Expander

This machine adopts PLC programmable controller and touching screen to carry out automatic production from feeding, temperature control, ration, pressurizing and feeding.

2.EPS Moulding Board Machine

(1)It is welded by highquality shape steel and treated in an effective way which can bring a high strength, non-deformation and high resistance to the expansive force from high-density products.
(2)The machine adopts PLC and touch screen for automatic mould opening ,mould closing ,material feeding ,steaming ,temperature keeping ,air cooling ,de-moulding and ejecting;
(3)The surface of the mould is made of special aluminum ally which can realize a high efficiency of heat conduction, favorable tensile strength and long service life.
(4)Adopting advanced moulding technique ,the machine is applicable to produce blocks of high-density and low-density and can ensure same quality of inside and outside block.

3.EPS Foam Shaping Machine

(1)It adopts Japan Mitsubishi Corporation PLC, imported touch screen, full English display, graphical interfaces intelligent control, achieve man-machine conversation.
(2)It can carry out full automatic, semi-automatic, middle startup and manual operation.
(3)Taiwan AIRTCA hydraulic system is stable run, low noise, high clamping force.

4.EPS Cutting Machine

Adopts high quality rectangle steel pipe which features in reasonable structure, firm,high intension, without deformation