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Epe foam sheet making machine

1.Foam rate: 20--40
2. Changed die,it can be produced foam net, pipe.
3. 100% recycled PE

EPE foam sheet machine adopts advanced butane physical foam technology with high foam rate. Product is the popular soft packing material in the market which is the many excellences, such as: moistureproof, shockproof, sound insulation, heat preservation and good plasticity. It's widely use for packing electronic product, glass, porcelain, furniture, commodity, etc. Also it can be used as pad of bag/box, floor-pad, sport-pad and heat preservation layer of refrigeratory.

Machine adopts explosion-proof motor, intelligent digital meter with safe and stable running, easy operation. Various EPE foam sheets can be produced continuously. And it can be produced foam pipe, stick and net if change relevant die and mould